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Archaeological Dig Unearths the Secret to Overcoming Religious and Cultural Divisions

Mystery Novel City of Peace by Henry G. Brinton Engages Readers Politically and Spiritually

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – March 1, 2019: With today’s news full of immigration bans, fear of terrorism, and widespread suspicion of Muslims, Americans are feeling anxious, fearful, and deeply suspicious of their neighbors. Enter author Henry G. Brinton with a “novel” solution. City of Peace (Koehler Books, March 15, 2019, $16.95, 242 pgs) is a gripping and fast-paced mystery that engages readers from both sides of the aisle politically and spiritually, leaving them with fresh insight into how they can overcome polarizing divisions today:

“What’s a Presbyterian pastor doing writing a page-turning murder mystery? I’d say doing a dazzling job reaching readers who will appreciate a terrific mix of the spiritual and the thrilling.” – Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary and Director, Center for Public Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary

“The story of Harley is not just the story of one man, but also a story that many can relate to, one going from frustration and sadness into redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation. A must read.” – Shahid Rahman, Executive Director, American Muslim Institution

“Faith’s challenges are present along with its opportunities as the protagonist, Harley Camden, confronts both real and imagined assaults on his sensitivities. City of Peace is timely, compelling and entertaining—in hockey they call that the ‘hat trick.’” – Al Sikes, author

Henry G. Brinton is an author and a Presbyterian pastor who has written on religion and culture for The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Huffington Post His interfaith work and appreciation for the wisdom of the ancient world began on an archaeological dig in the Galilee region of Israel, while he was a college student. In his writing and ministry, Henry is committed to building bridges between people of diverse cultures, religions, and political positions.

Brinton’s book tour begins in Fairfax and will travel around the southeast. Eager book clubs can view/download a reader’s guide with book club questions for free, and Henry is available to visit in person or via Skype with book clubs.


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